Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Spanksgiving from Christian Grey - Aww hell, Happy Thanksgiving from Kitty!

A very happy Thanksgiving from Kitty and the staff of Tommy's Tool Town.  This deserves a repeat, as it talks of the woes of the Black Friday onslaught. 

Join us next Tuesday, when we resume Tommy Tuesdays, and return to a new post each week.

Have a pleasant and safe holiday season, and hug a retail worker.  They spend a lot of time making sure you get what you want this year.

Kitty's prayer for Black Friday.

Now I head me off to work.
I pray that God won't send a jerk,
Who wants to buy a sold-out deal.
And gripes because his cart might squeal.

Oh Lord I pray that no one yells.
And tells me I should go to hell,
Because the Shop Vac sold out fast.
Black Friday deals don't always last.

I'll hide in the latrine at dinner,
And confess to times I've been a sinner.
By taking breaks I didn't need,
To get away from Front End deeds.

We'll focus on a workday done.
When we might finally have some fun.
A drink or two from the appliance guy,
And brownies that might make us high

Never mind that one.

So, shoppers we would beg of thee....
Forgive us if we have to pee.
We've stood to serve you all day long,
And listened to the Tommy song.

And later when the blitz is over,
We'll get into our old Range Rover.
And head back home to loved ones dear.
And think about a new career.


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